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Kyra the Sneasel--

My first mission…Our first mission…


I sobbed.

Why Rexana?

I parted the branches of the next bush in the clearing.  No Rexana.  I stepped up to the next bush, lilting and limping like a stinky, muddy, exhausted zombie…Wait, I've already checked that one.  I dug into it anyway.  Why wasn't she here?  Why wasn't anybody here looking for her?

I scanned the scene again.  Pokémon stood around everywhere with their heads hanging.  Some began to file off down the trail empty-handed.  No Rexana.

I should go deeper, I thought.  Maybe she's not in the clearing anymore.  I turned dizzily away from the clearing and bumped into a white leg, losing my balance and falling onto it.  I slid down to the earth slowly, dragging my left cheek down the leg.  I didn't care.  I sat there for a moment before looking up through my teary, baggy, bloodshot eyes into the Absol's concerned face.

"…You've done all you can," whispered Stephen.

I shook my head.  "Deeper in.  She might be deeper."

"No one in the entire forest has found a soul.  Half the group is gone," he explained.

"SHE'S NOT GONE!" I shrieked.  "NO, SHE'S NOT!"  I hung my head and sobbed as Stephen sat with me silently.

"…Wherever she is, she's surrounded by friends," said Stephen.  "…Lloyd disappeared, too."

We sat together for another moment as I wept, too tired to move.

"…I'll take you home," Stephen offered.

"...That would be nice," I whispered.

He got as far down as he could, and I crawled onto his withers and laid myself face-down.  Carefully standing up, he walked across the forest clearing to pick up a half-conscious Iris.  With the two of us in tow, he took off down the forest trail towards Tao.  Some time after we got out of the forest, I fell asleep.
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September 28, 2012
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